Nearly 30 children came to this year’s Vacation Bible Adventure this July! For a brief slideshow of the event, click here.

Designing a Vacation Bible Adventure program – rather than choosing one of the many off-the-shelf packages – is truly a labor of love.

This is what Jack and Dixie Hulley, inspired by Dorothy Wilson, have offered the children of our parish for the past 17 years. Their program has been like a home-cooked meal compared to fast food. Their program offers 4 to 11-year old’s great Biblical themes and messages in many learning modes, including activities from our own in-residence physicist, Lou Bucholtz.  It has given the opportunity for our counselors (ages 12 and up) to creatively plan curriculum and live into their faith. A number of our counselors were once ‘explorers’ and have loved the responsibility of leadership. St John’s VBA has enfolded both “explorers” and counselors in the mission and ministry of the church.  Their enthusiasm was contagious!

We give thanks to Jack and Dixie for their final year as leaders of this fine program. They oversaw the planning and delivery of a fine program to 28 explorers.  Thanks are also in order for the many volunteers in a variety of roles who helped pull it all together.