Terry Hunt will be doing Formation in Faith on Sunday mornings in the Parish Life Center from 9:05 a.m. to 10 a.m. Please stop by our page, Formation in Faith, for study questions and information.

A note from Fr. Richard:

What is a Household?

The question has been raised about what a household is in our Formation in Faith plan, and what it means for those who might live alone.

The original impetus for this formation plan was to assist parents in being active participants in their children’s spiritual formation. That being said, we realized that what we are hoping to do would benefit those without children at home. Further, we wanted to avoid dissuading people from participation because of the term “Family.”

We opted for the word “Household” since in the early church a household was not just a nuclear family, but a larger community of faith and mutual support. We hope that in that spirit people form “households” as they feel called. A household could be friends getting together over coffee to discuss the reading for the week. Or, as one person suggested, some could have a virtual household by emailing reflections on our texts.