Formation in Faith: Participating in the Story of God

Formation in Faith is grounded in the call to know the Story of God, to commit to the Story of God, and to participate in the Story of God. The first element we have already engaged as we read together our Narrative Lectionary. Committing to the Story will be discussed as we approach Lent.
But what does it mean to participate in this great story? One way of answering this question is to say that we share in and extend the story of God as we live out with the guidance and grace of the Holy Spirit the practices of faith that emerge from the biblical narrative, as well as how that practice has been pursued though the ongoing life of God’s people.
A good example of this is the celebration of the Eucharist, a core practice of the Church. The Eucharist is derived from the explicit command of Christ Jesus that we “Do this in memory of me.,’ where we recall Jesus and the disciples at the Last Supper, as well as recall such events as the feeding of the 5000 (Mark 6), table fellowship with the Risen Lord at Emmaus (Luke 24), and look forward to the great feast of the Reign of God (Revelation 21). The Eucharist also looks back to Old Testament antecedents such as the Passover feast in Exodus.
As you and your household continues to read the great story, reflect on what practices might be reflected in the passage. In the Abraham and Sarah story, what practice might we see in welcoming the three strangers at the Oaks of Mamre? Or what are the ways we practice making covenants?
(Note to households with brothers: having read the story of Cain and Abel, killing your brother is NOT a biblical practice.)