How do we form our faith, and why is it important? One way is by reading the Bible. But is just reading the Bible enough for us to understand the meanings hidden in the great story it reveals? The Bible is a very complex book, and the stories it tells are layered with levels of meaning. Many of the greatest scholars of the Bible spend their entire lives seeking to comprehend it. Once this is understood, the idea that just reading the bible is sufficient to comprehend it is a very optomistic one indeed.

When you study the great story with others who are seeking to understand it, and to grow their faith; their questions and struggles will help you to deepen your understanding of it too. You will also get to know your class mates more deeply. And when you respond to the risk they took by beginning to share your own questions and experiences with God, you will often help them grow in understanding how God is active and involved in their lives. Together you begin to form a developing community of faith. For it is in this wrestling with the stories, and with others, that a persons faith is formed. It is not something we can do on our own. As this searching process continues, you will find that your comprehension of them (both of the others and of the great story) continually deepens, and and you will feel your faith growing stronger as you wrestle with the great story the bible reveals.

Please join us next Sunday as we begin the second year of Formation in Faith. Help us make St. John’s even a deeper community of faith than it already is.  The class begins at 9:10 AM. We will meet in the PLC at 9:00, get our coffee or tea, and then go together to the Conference Room.
Terry Hunt