Garden Tour News

Have you have a job? Carol Hunt is still looking for volunteers to take shifts in the boutique area.  Call Carol at 343-9105.

You can also help by…

…Sharing details –with your friends, family and colleagues who might be interested in attending GT.

…Selling Tickets –Tickets for Garden Tour will be available after church for the next several Sundays. If you sold tickets last year, an envelope is waiting for you for pick-up. We greatly appreciate your help in selling tickets to the Garden Tour to your family, coworkers and friends. Tickets are also available at nurseries and stores in Chico and Paradise at locations noted on the posters.  Thanks for helping to promote Garden Tour.

…Helping us find potential donors – We are looking for new donors to provide items for our raffle.  This can be gift certificates for restaurants, or services, or goods.  To help you explain to businesses what Garden Tour is, we have prepared letters for you to take to a business you know introducing them to Garden Tour.  These are available in the PLC after church for the next few Sundays.

…Placing Posters – Take a poster to display at your hair dresser, barber, school, work place, or gym, places that you know would be willing to post it.  Two sizes of posters are available after church for the next few Sundays in the PLC.

… Potting plants – Our outdoor boutique relies on your donations of “extra” plants from your yard that need dividing or have offered to spread a bit in your yard. These are perfect to pot up and donate to our outside boutique.  If you need pots, a variety are available near the sheds in the SW corner of the church parking lot.  Please be sure to label anything you pot up.

…Donating Raffle Items!  Our Raffle Committee is still looking for clever, eye catching raffle items.  Please contact Carol Larrabee at cclchico  or 899-8871 or  Beth Carlson at or 345-8142 if you have an item for the raffle table.  It is very important that we know what items we can count on. Our raffle items greatly boost our proceeds at Garden Tour, especially when the items are grouped and presented in a clever way.  Thank you for your contributions. … Make a donation to Garden Tour – If you would like to make a financial donation to Garden Tour, donating to the lunch fund is a good way because the full amount is tax-deductible.  Your contributions offset our food costs and increase our profits for Garden Tour. Just write a check to ECW for whatever you’d like to give ($10-whatever!), and put “GT Lunch” IN THE MEMO LINE .  Checks may be dropped at the office, put in the collection plate on Sunday or mailed to Leona Fisher at PO Box 7118, Chico CA 95927.  If you want to donate cash, please write your name and address on a piece of paper so we can properly record it and give it to Leona Fisher or Becky Thompson.  Thank you so much.

Counting Down to Garden Tour, Saturday, May 5th!