Garden Tour News: Home Stretch!

Dear St. John’s Friends,

Garden Tour week is here.  We are truly in the home stretch now!

  Photo Preview of Gardens – You can catch some of the highlights of the gardens on our website,  Photos were taken Sunday!

Report Ticket sales to Veva at 345-1251 by Wednesday so we can make our projections on expected attendance and food quantities.  You can continue to sell tickets up to the day before the event.

Guest Parking at Church – Most guests will park in the field. Parking attendants will help guide our guests.  We hope to accommodate handicapped needs by allowing people to drop off passengers at the PLC before parking in the field. Please encourage your friends to meet off-site and carpool.

Volunteer Parking –  To maximize guest parking, if you are planning to work at church during Garden Tour day, please plan to park across the street in the Grace Community Church parking lot.  Carpooling with each other from across the street can help those with difficulty walking the distance.

Name Tags – Don’t forget to wear your name tags to all Garden Tour activities both during this week as well as Saturday.  Please help us welcome the visitors in our midst.

If you are new to Garden Tour or haven’t attended before, here’s a schedule of how preparation takes place over the next 5 days.  You might want to stop by over the course of week to see the campus transformation, even if you don’t have a job.

Wednesday, May 3rd
~ Our Plant Boutique volunteers will make trips to our local nursery supplier leaving at 8:30am, to purchase and bring plants to St David’s Hall for cleaning, prepping and labeling until Saturday morning.  Volunteers begin in the afternoon with regular shifts to care for our purchases until sold on Saturday.
Our Food Committee makes initial purchases of groceries for storage in the kitchen.

Thursday, May 4th
~ Our Raffle Committee begins set-up of the raffle table.
~ Plant boutique workers continue cleaning, labeling and caring for plants in morning and afternoon.

Friday, May 5th
~ Delivery truck from Susanville arrives with more plants for re-sale. Boutique volunteers are busy moving plants and continually watering to care for our growing treasures.
~ Food Committee begins chopping and other food prep for Saturday’sluncheon.
~ Set up of PLC continues.

Saturday, May 6th
~ The Plant Boutique opens at 10:30AM for those who have purchased tickets.
~ Lunch service begins at 10:45AM.
~ Gardens open at 11AMPlease respect this opening time, even if you have little time to tour gardens.
Garden Tour is finally here on Saturday, May 6th.
Join us in this special day of hospitality to the community!