Garden Tour on Hold

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your prayerful consideration regarding this year’s Garden Tour.  Our meeting today had us looking at our event from many viewpoints.  All of them left us feeling blessed and proud of the wonderful history of GT.  Thank you to F. Richard for leading us so capably in our discernment. 

We left today’s meeting with a consensus of holding a parish-wide event this spring to celebrate GT (and having thepublic side of GT lay fallow for the year).  We discussed a few options: either singularly or collectively holding a quiet day, a lunch, and/or a “work day” around the church grounds sometime around the first Saturday in May.  The GT Planning Team will be meeting again to further our vision of this year’s event on Thursday, February 7th at 1:30pm in the Conference Room.   Any and all are welcomed to join us.  

I pray we use these next months to reflect upon our rich GT history and our successes.  At the same time, we need to look realistically at the sustainability of every aspect of our “usual” Garden Tour.  This “fallow” time could be an opportunity to make changes that will allow us to increase our impact in our church and our community while decreasing our workload!  Let’s prayerfully open our minds to God’s vision for us!

At today’s meeting it seemed we agreed we want to have a community fundraising event next year.  We see the value in taking this time “off” to envision what that might look like.  We know we have a loyal following of gardeners; we know we want to reach out and include a younger audience to ensure longevity of our event; we are okay with utilizing outside help to pull off the event because it builds new relationships within the community; we want to continue financially supporting our recipients as we build stronger relationships within our parish and our community.   

We have much to be proud of and to celebrate.  As it was announced today, we have shared well over a half a million dollars in community outreach over the course of GT!  Let us thank God for the opportunity to be his hands and his shining light within our community.  I continue to feel blessed and honored to work alongside so many wonderful friends in Christ.  

Thank you, all!                                                   

Becky T.