This is the time of year when we ramp up our efforts in planning for our Spring Garden Tour.  However, our church community and Chico at large have been deeply impacted by the disastrous fire in Paradise and the extended region.  St. John’s campus has become the gathering place for several local Long-Term Recovery Group meetings.  We have also taken in the congregation from the Episcopal church in Paradise.   Our volunteers are pouring their hearts and resources into other needs in our community.  

So, to use a gardening term, we have decided that our annual Garden Tour will “lie fallow” for 2019. 

We have not come to this decision lightly.  Garden Tour has been a big part of our church and community life for 35 years. We thank you for so many years of loyalty to this project. It’s hard to imagine our spring without Garden Tour.  We will use this year to re-envision Garden Tour and plan to return next year with a new and improved version!