Coffee Hour Help


Do you like to entertain and meet new people, or catch up with friends? Then hosting a coffee hour might be for you! Coffee hour is a ministry that provides hospitality to church members, visitors and new members.

Coffee hour is held immediately after the 10:15 service in the Parish Life Center (PLC). It’s easy to sign up on a large folding easel just inside the entrance of the main room. Two people usually sign up for each Sunday and work together, sharing the set-up and food.   The food selection is up to you.  Generally, people bring sweets of some type, such as cookies, sweet breads and cakes.   Fruit, cheese, and crackers are also welcome.

The church provides the coffee, tea, drinks, and paper products. It’s best to sign up with someone seasoned in coffee hour preparations the first few times you serve so you can learn how we do it.  There are directions in the kitchen for preparing the coffee as well as operating the industrial dish sanitizer.

Hosting coffee hour is a task shared by men and women of our church.  If you have any questions, contact Linda Bates at 530-893-1862 or