Bible Studies at St John’s

Here at St. John the Evangelist, there are many opportunities to learn and grow through Bible study. Please see below:

Tuesday Women’s Bible Study

Our group meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from September to May off campus.  We study the Old and New Testament scripture using The Serendipity Bible.  If you would like to join us, contact Mary Hall, 979-0524.  

Rector’s Bible Study, Wednesday 10:45

From September through May the Rector’s Bible Study meets in the Library immediately following the Wednesday morning Eucharist. Fr. Richard invites participants, both men and women, into an open discussion of a variety of books of the Bible that touch not only on the life of faith, but on a wide ranging number of topics that connect with culture and history. Questions always encouraged! (Note: The Rector’s Bible Study does not meet on those few occasions when Fr. Richard is out of town. It is always a good idea to call the church office if you are thinking of attending.)

Wednesday Women’s

The weekly Wednesday Bible study is open to all women interested in deepening their understanding of Christ and the Bible. Our study follows a set calendar with specific readings and questions prepared in advance. We usually study one book of the Bible over the course of several months. Most books in our study have been New Testament books. We meet at 1:30 in the PLC foyer for about one and a half hours. If you miss a week you will know what we discussed and can join in the following week.   Members frequently miss several weeks at a time due to travel, family and other obligations.  This should not be a deterrent to joining us.  The calendar of readings and questions is available online on our website.  <link>  If you would like to talk about joining us, contact Carol Sprague at

Thursday Men’s Bible Study

This study meets every week off campus.  If interested in joining, call Russ Van Patten at 894-3560.

Friday Men’s Bible Study

The Friday men’s Bible study meets weekly from September to May at 6AM in the foyer of the PLC.  If you would like to visit or join the group, call Allen Hackett at 894-0949.

During the year, there will be other opportunities for spiritual growth.  Keep your eyes out for quiet days, Sunday forums, and other chances to study and deepen your faith.