Introducing Formation in Faith

Formation in Faith at St. John’s

Know the Story of God, Commit to the Story of God, Participate in the Story of God

September 5, 2017

“Christians are made, not born”  -Tertullian, d. 240

On behalf of the clergy at St. John the Evangelist Parish, I would like to invite you and your household into a venture in faith formation starting September 2017 and culminating in May 2018. It is our belief that becoming a well formed Christian in today’s world requires more intentionality among individuals, households, and parents. Sunday morning worship and opportunities for classes and studies, while truly important, are not sufficient of themselves to form us as followers or disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our proposal is simple: In our homes and households, we commit to reading and reflecting together on one Bible passage each week read within the context of household prayer, engage in different practices of Christian life together as the ten months progress, and explore the promises made at Baptism. This is what we mean by knowing, committing to, and participating in the story of God.

Near the completion of this time of formation Bishop Beisner will be with us to bless the households who have participated in this program on April 15, 2018.

Here is the basic outline of Formation in Faith

  • Beginning September 6 materials for the program will be available on the special Formation in Faith web page at, or available at the church. These materials will include: a narrative based lectionary, a simple liturgy for use in households, possible discussion questions (posted monthly), and an intoduction to the narrative liturgy. Review the materials.
  • Beginning the week of September 10, set aside a time once a week to read the Bible passaged assigned within the context of the brief liturgy, and then discuss the passage as a household. Discussion leaders can adapt the discussion questions as appropriate, and also can give context to the passage.
  • Participate in Formation in Faith events that will occur throughout the year. They will range from watching a movie together, going on a nature hike, and feeding the hungry. Such events will give opportunities to reflect on the story.
  • Learn spiritual practices that will be introduced as our year goes on.
  • During Lent households will explore Baptismal promises as the means of committing to the Story of God.
  • On April 15 participating households will be presented to the Bishop for a special blessing.

We look forward to this journey together. And please do not hesitate to ask us questions as we go along!

-Fr. Richard