Mexico Mission: Arrival!

We have arrived safely in Rancho Santa Marta after a pretty uneventful two days drive.

Saturday we made our way to Carlsbad where we stayed at St. Michael’s by the Sea Episcopal Church. Some made their way to the beach where some (not mentioning any names, Josh) got their pants wetter than was suggested. Oh well. As we used to say on the Northcoast, “you’re not made of sugar, you won’t melt.” Of course we were talking of rain, not the ocean.

Brad, Rick, and moi seemed to engage in the most banter and jokes at each other’s expense over the CBs. It was with a metaphorical tear in my eye that I turned to Brad and said “It’s great to get the band back together.” (Whether the term “band” is metaphorical depends on a challenge to do a famous reprise together on a classic Dylan tune later this week.)

We did have a major shake up of our long time lunch plans on Sunday. We have finally thought better of going to the Burger King in Ensenada. We are in Mexico after all. Instead we went to the Ensenada Costco. We wondered if the Food Court would have other offerings than what we have come to love in the States. Yep. Pretty much the same. (Jalapeño replacing sauerkraut for the hot dogs and cannelones as the one addition) Also the same: the relative length of lines between the men’s and women’s bathrooms. There are apparently some constants in the universe. This did not go unnoted.

We arrived at Santa Marta a little after 4:00 and set to getting our dorms and mess hall in order. Many went to explore around the Rancho, where we bumped into Tina and Rod, the couple who run the Rancho. Rod gave us the low down on the jobs: we start with hay and peaches tomorrow.

One thing to note is that the heat wave at home is manifesting itself down here. It is in the mid to high 90s here at the Rancho, hotter than we have experienced here in years past. It isn’t too bad. But it is a bit of an adjustment.

One result (with unintended consequences) was that we decided to hold our Sunday evening Communion service outside instead of in a hot stuffy chapel. Note to self: when you hold an event outside considerably further south and east of where you usually hang out in the evening,   expect it to get dark far earlier than you think. Flashlight app as a liturgical necessity. 

Long days, but good days. Oremos por nosotros