Mexico Mission: End of Work!

We finished our work this afternoon here at the Rancho! With three straight hours of concrete pour the team was able to fill the trench and prepare it for the next group that will begin work on the wall that will be built upon it.

About the same time the other teams finished up as well.

In a deeply touching moment after we finished Geronimo, the Rancho supervisor, came to bid us farewell, and to thank us for all our work. The mutual gratitude and affection was palpable in the room, and I can attest that there were a few moistened eyes. At least I think so. I seemed to have something in my eyes and couldn’t see so well.

The trip isn’t done yetis the girl’s dorm is coming to make kites, and a special evening with the Team is in the offing.

But you all should be immensely proud of this great team.