Mexico Mission: Heading into the Homestretch work-wise

It is noon Friday, and we have been busy all morning. The guys down in the new building are finishing the last touches on the wiring on the new building, while the sewing machines are busy making their last graduation gowns.

The lion’s share of us spent the morning at the far reaches of the Rancho (incidentally with a absolutely fantastic view of the whole area) to collect rocks to be placed in our now completed trench. Even though picking up good sized rocks is not easy, it is more easy going than a concrete pour. So there were a variety of conversations going on. I was part of a wide ranging discussion from Planet of the Apes to Butch Cassidy to Macbeth to Oedipus Rex.

We had an early lunch so the troops could go back to the gym to have several hours of pouring the concrete into the trench, which now has the rocks we collected.

A lot of stuff happening tonight, including the last shower before Chico. And then back stateside tomorrow.