Mexico Mission: Monday Work Wrap Up

Wow. Just wow. Great first day and great team.

We had three groups working on three projects this first day of work. All of them were devoted to the new Santa Marta High School building, which will be opening in August. Two groups, led by Rick and Bob, worked on the building itself. Rick’s group worked on wiring and insulation, while Bob’s group worked on papering the building and installing windows. Another group of seamstresses were making the draperies for the classrooms.

What made this different is that while there is always some work requiring higher skills, it usually demands the attention of a smaller group of workers. (Rick, I’m looking at you.) Most of us went to tasks like concrete,  ditch digging, or (my favorite) breaking things so someone else can build something. This year demanded everyone to learn skills they may not have had, and attend to the work at hand with determination, attention, and persistence.

One crew was working in the interior of the new High School prepping the building for the electrical conduit and then installing insulation. The latter part is hard itchy work, and yet, to a person, no one flagged in the task until they had completed the days work. The same goes for the folks working on the siding. There was definitely a learning curve as we assembled scaffolding and cut and stapled the tar paper. The learning continued as we installed and weatherproofed the windows. (On the windows, several of the frames were too small for the window. Bob ingeniously solved the problem so work could continue.)

In Chapel this evening was based on Jesus’s call to the first disciples, and how they dropped their nets to follow. Yet before them were to be new experiences that would surprise them. Many shared about how they had experienced new and sometime unexpected things. It was a wonderful time of reflection after an unexpected day.

We are excited for tomorrow and the new challenges that are ahead.

Oremos por nosotros!