Mexico Mission: Thursday Work Round Up

It has been a big work day for us today.

As it turns out, our work on the new High School building has exceeded the Rancho’s expectations. The insulation inside the building is complete, the windows are installed, and the siding is well on its way. In fact, we had to spin off some our team into other tasks, including organizing the hay in the barn and the ever popular weeding the peach orchard.

I would not be surprised if work is done early tomorrow and we begin our final festivities at the Rancho early tomorrow evening.

As for the rest of the day, one previously unscheduled event was a little musical soiree at one of the group homes set up by Clark. He had met the day before a 13 year old young man by the name Edwing, who is one of the best guitar players among the Rancho kids. Clark, Edwing and I got together for a little jam session. Clark and Edwing both were great. I was less so. Much less so.

Nevertheless, later after dinner in the group homes Edwing and I made contact again, goofing around with his guitar, with me regaling him with “Heart of Gold” and “Nights in White Satin,” and with him just amazing us all.

The upshot is that he wants me to improve my guitar playing for next year. So the Thursday Work Round Up finishes with I have a lot of work to do in the coming year.