Mexico Mission: Thursday Wrap Up.

Thursday was a big day for many reasons. We woke to a refreshing marine layer blanketing the hills, which promised more temperate weather for the work day.

We dove into our work with gusto, since, unlike most years, this was to be our last full work day. With the scheduling of back to back evenings with the kids from the group homes, our usual Wednesday beach afternoon had to be delayed to Friday.

With that in mind, the crews insulating, wiring, and siding the new high school wing went into high action pushing toward completion. A small push today and the task will be complete. And there were still peaches to pick for the Thursday market and hay to bale.

As evening came we prepared for our guests. We grill a lot of grande hot dogs and prepared sides for the children. (No baked beans though. Learned the hard way some years ago that the Mexican kids just don’t get them. Too sweet. Dessert beans? Maybe. For dinner? Absolutely not.)

It was fun to see our kids interact with the the kids with their new friends with confidence and joy.

After chapel we engaged in our annual Thursday practice of writing for each other on a piece of paper with each persons name words of appreciation and gratitude. We sit in a circle and pass each piece of paper from person to person, writing as we go. It is always an affirming time.

With two of us heading back to the States today, the annual awards were held last night. But before we began, our little blues group of Brad, Karen, Becky, and moi reprised a classic from years gone by: our own Santa Marta version of Have to Serve Somebody by Bob Dylan. Who knows, a reprise make become a tradition

So after an evening of fun the Team is set for a busy last day.

It’s been a great week!