Mexico Mission: Tuesday at the Rancho

I have been slow, dear readers, in filling you in on our goings on here at Rancho Santa Marta. Part I will blame on the internet this morning. But more to the point, we have been exceedingly busy!

The jobs begun yesterday continued with a more rapid pace than before. By afternoon the ceiling insulation was going up in the large high school classrooms. It was hard backbreaking work that took a large team. Nicole’s ingenuity organized the scaffolding in a way which improved both team work and efficiency.

Outside, the window crews were installing the remaining windows like pros, while the framing of the windows and doors, as well as putting up the siding commenced. Pastor Ben asked me to man the saw to cut the lumber for framing and the siding. I am not sure what he was thinking because I generally am forbidden to be near such implements of destruction and mayhem. Nevertheless, I remained at my station throughout the day. The only reason that I am not typing with ten fingers is a testament to my lack of typing skills, rather than a lack of digits this evening, Taron was an incredible help in getting and relaying measurements for me, and a sympathetic person when I messed up. By late afternoon Bailey was taking her turn at the saw. She did great!

Work went quite late today, with many working up until 5:00 (very long day by our standards).

But there was no rest for the weary, since we needed to prepare for guests tonight. The group home families came up to the patio outside our dorms for what has become our annual hot dog dinner. We had a wonderful time at dinner together with our Mexican friends, and I know the specific stories of the evening will be told and retold as we return to the States. A few highlights:

  • Mi amigo, Victor, a special needs adult who has lived at RSM since a boy, taught is a song with the help of Pastor Ben about being God’s people.
  • The table of older Mexican girls took a great interest in Chet from across the patio.
  • The older Mexican boys challenged a number of our folks to arm wrestling. Peter, I hear, was quite competitive. Tad joined in, as well as his sister, Melody. She gave the guys a run for their money.
  • The younger boys table were taught the Cup Song (is that what it’s called?) by Sarah and Taron, while the Mexican boys reciprocated by teaching some hand trick.
  • Soon little one’s were blowing soap bubbles and laughter was heard throughout the Rancho.

We are looking forward to visiting them Thursday night for dinner in the group homes.

Back to work tomorrow, and if we get enough done, a trip to the beach and tri tip dinner.

Oremos por nosotros!