Mexico Mission: Tuesday midday update

Welp, the team has been introduced to a Rancho Santa Marta tradition: digging in the hard Baja adobe soil. We have been working on preparing a large pad for concrete tomorrow outside of the new gym they are building. This includes the ever popular digging of a ditch to build a retaining wall on the west side of the building. Many of us have been operating the jack hammers, while the others shoveled the dirt. And we thought we were tired yesterday…

We do have a few other jobs going as well, one team is up on scaffolding to remove the forms from yesterday’s concrete pour. Anna and Jericha went out with the Director’s sons into the fields to buck hay. Rick and Wayne are busy working on the electrical aspects of a new bathroom, and the sewing of graduation gowns continues apace.

Unbeknownst to much of the team, today we will head into town after work. I just hope my secret pal gets word that I am not a fan of everyones’ favorite Mexican soft drink, Manzana Lift.