Mexico Mission: Waking Up Monday Morning

Morning has dawned at Rancho Santa Marta, and a lovely marine layer shrouds the surrounding hills in fog. Beyond being quiet beautiful, it is good news as it will keep the temperature down this morning and keep the day to a very tolerable 85 degrees as we engage in our work parties.

A few of us have risen, while many are taking in their last zzzzz before things begin. Nevertheless, there is a buzz of activity. Some are wrestling with the coffee maker, Bailey, Abby, and Melody are off on an early morning run through the fields, with Chet not far behind. Josh was the first of the youth up, engaged in more literary pursuits. A Nicole and Wei Wei, on the other hand, are cranking out some work from home, before turning to the tasks at the Rancho. A couple of us have spiritual readings on hand to start the day.

Such mornings are not atypical at the Rancho. They are times of reconnection and awakening between ourselves and with the Lord who leads us here. As a morning practice, it is a welcome antidote to rolling out of bed to face the crush of craziness of the day ahead. Certainly here at Santa Marta there is plenty in store for us in the day ahead, but it is entered with a community marked by fellowship, anticipation, and joy.