Mexico Mission: Work is Done!

It has been an exhausting and busy five days here at the Rancho. The big job was to bring the new High School building along as far as possible, with an eye to occupancy in August. I mentioned yesterday that we had completed the insulation. Today we got as far as we could with the siding. The only thing hampering us was running out of siding boards at about 3;30. That was as good a sign as any that we were done. In fact, the Rancho staff were quite amazed by the progress.

We actually got to the point this morning where we could send a whole cadre of folks to help prepare the ground for the projected wood shop. This was an opportunity for our kids to use a power tool that they probably had never used before. I think the technical term is Big Pneumatic Thing that Compacts Dirt. Quite impressive really.

We are now packing for the journey home, and saying our goodbyes to the kids of the Rancho. A few of us wandered down to the playground after packing our bags to hang out with them. There was futbol, guitar playing, and general goofing around in a truly international way. We finished, aptly enough, with Edwing playing a contemporary worship tune sung in both Spanish and English. The praise of God knows no borders.

Tonight is a big night for us. Among the things that are up are the revealing of the Secret Pals who have been surprising their pal with little gifts all week. Also as a part of chapel is the annual web of gratitude we will make of a huge ball of yarn. The ball is passed from one person to another with a word of thanksgiving.

The evening will close with the annual Santa Marta Awards ceremony. It is a hoot. (Except when I got the “Snore Man” award two years in a row. Not that I didn’t earn them.)

Tomorrow, bright and early, we will be on the road, with a stop at Rosarito Beach for a little trinket shopping. And then ON TO CHURROS AT THE BORDER! And hopefully not a long wait.

We will be spending the night in San Gabriel.

This may be my last post of this trip.

Oramos por nosotros!