News from LTRG 2/21/2019

The Long Term Recovery Group meets every Friday 8AM to 9AM as heads of different groups and organizations share their progress and look for insight to help with problem solving.

From 9 to 11AM, their sub-committees break into groups to tackle specific areas of needs and concerns. This includes Spiritual and Emotional Wellness led by Fr. Richard. The Housing Sub-Committee meets on Thursday mornings, as does Red Cross. Do the math: every group 4 times, and sometimes 5, every month just at St. John’s, with some individuals attending multiple task forces.

We assisted in hosting a Pastors Dinner, a night of respite for all those working in the Camp Fire trenches. It was a chance to mingle with those who are dealing with the same feelings of being overwhelmed.

We have hosted Mr. Doug Brown and associates from Global UpLift and Global Empowerment. These two organizations are assisting by bringing in money and tools for those in Butte county who have been affected by the fire and are now unable to work due to lose of business and/or tools of their trade.

United Policy Holders were here assisting and answering questions for people about the incredibly convoluted process of dealing with insurance after the fire.

Mr. Scott Winter presented a Stress Workshop using the science and techniques of neuroscientists to help understand the what and why of this type of trauma and how we can protect ourselves emotionally and physically. We are hoping to have Mr. Winter back. Watch for a new date!

Rebuild Paradise meets approximately once a month in our conference room, and a new group, First Five Community Resilience Model is scheduled to meet this month as well.

This is just for the month of February.

We have other state and county organizations needing our assistance, and it has become our ministry to help the helpers.

I hope this clarifies where and how our church home is helping in the recovery process of the Camp Fire. We continue with 1) pastoral care, 2) assistance with St. Nick’s, 3) sheltering, and 4) response to changing neighborhoods. What I have listed above is an example of our 5th point in this disaster, hospitality to relief groups.