Special GT News 4-6-2018

We continue to march forward towards Garden Tour on May 5th, just four weeks away.  This is our church’s primary means of raising funds for outreach and other ministries. We hope by now you know where you can help.

In the next few weeks if you volunteered for any jobs, you will begin to hear from committee chairs to confirm work schedules.  Cookie recipes will be emailed or mailed by US mail this week. Weekly features in the Enterprise Record with pictures of our gardens will begin.  Posters are distributed. Tickets are selling!

We are still looking for help in several areas.   In the days leading up to GT, we need many hands, helping to set up, cleaning and labeling plants on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  During GT day, we are still in need of people to assist our guests in buying plants.

 GT Committee Meeting

All committee chairs and helpers are encouraged to attend our last meeting before Garden Tour on April 16 at 7PM in the Conference Room.

 Tell Your Friends

Going on Garden Tour is a wonderful way to learn about gardening and find inspiration. Continuing until May 5th, we will make regular updates to our website (stjohnschico.org) and Facebook page (St John’s Episcopal Church Garden Tour) regarding Garden Tour.  Pictures from our gardens are posted on the GT Facebook page.  Please share these links with your friends and invite them to attend Garden Tour.

What did I sign up for? – Sign-up lists will be posted in the foyer of the PLC over the next several Sundays if you need to verify what work times you committed to.  This is NOT the place to make changes or cross you name off a list.  If you need to change your time commitment, please call the chairperson of your committee, not Becky Thompson or Carol Hunt.  Those names and numbers are on the sign-up sheets.  Committee chairs for the next few weeks will make reminder calls to you, our willing volunteers.  Thank you again for your participation.

 We Need Flowers for Decorations!

Our talented flower arrangers make beautiful creations for the PLC and other places around the church with the donated flowers from our own private gardens.  We would greatly appreciate you bringing your cut flowers on Friday, May 4th in the afternoon. The flowers should be left on the east side of the PLC, along the wall of the covered walkway, opposite the cedar tree.  Look for a sign, Cut Flowers Here.  Be sure the flowers are in buckets of water.

Food for Garden Tour – Planning the salad, desserts and service for our luncheon requires attention to many details.  One issue that has grown in importance has been our sensitivity to diet preferences.  We are serving a salad of mixed greens, chicken, bacon, and other tasty toppings. We will offer a both a vegetarian and gluten free option to the lunch, including dessert. The ingredients to our lunch will be posted on a sign near the ticket table.

 Training for Garden Greeters   If you are planning to be a Garden Greets on the day of Garden Tour, plan to attend a training session for Garden Greeters on Sunday, April 22nd at 9am in the PLC. Yes, this is two weeks before Garden Tour! The job of Garden Greeter has expanded beyond hospitality to include tasks regarding public safety and security.  The training will allow our Greeters to be prepared for a variety of circumstances that may arise while welcoming guests to the gardens. If you are a garden greeter, you will be hearing from your committee chair, Teri Todd.

Donated Plants Still Needed – There is still time!  Look around your yard for plants that have multiplied or seeded themselves.  Please plant now with a little Vitamin B-12 to promote healthy rooting by May 5th!  Also remember to put in a marker with the name of the plant – a plastic fork or knife works well.  If you need pots there is quite a variety available at church in the old shed in the SW corner of the parking lot.  Questions?  Call Gwyneth Stephenson at 966-6136