Tuesday Wrap Up at the Rancho

My last post took us up to noon yesterday, and while things are getting very busy and I cannot possibly keep up with everything, I did want to make a few comments about the rest of Tuesday.

I continue to be amazed at the level of commitment to the work we are doing here. So far none of the work here has been anything but very demanding and tiring. Chet’s work in welding shop entailed a painstaking task of repairing well worn bins for seeds. The aged metal needs meticulous work to mend. Kayli and Peter worked all afternoon in the itchy work of installing installation in a new building while Rick and Wayne figure out the wiring. Taron, Brad, and Andie worked into the afternoon sun removing the massive forms from the previous day’s pour. Jana, Ben, and Bill prepped the pad for Wednesday morning’s pour. Several others rotated between tasks, including bucking hay.

I do need to give a shout out to Abby, Sam, Sarah, and Kai, who spent the afternoon on trench detail. It is hard, backbreaking work, and, as Abby pointed out, this particular team was among the younger members of the team. Sam was a monster on the jack hammer, while the other three shoveled. It was an amazing fete. And as an old Santa Marta trench digger, I am astounded at their accomplishment.