Our outdoor boutique relies on your donations of “extra” plants from your yard.  Even if you are not a big gardener, just a few pots from many of us will really boost our sales.   Plants that need dividing or have spread a bit in your yard are perfect to pot up and can be donated for our outside boutique.  If you need pots, a wide variety of sizes are available in the old shed that faces Floral Avenue (it’s not locked) in the SW corner of the church parking lot.

Examples of plants include young trees such as dogwood, Japanese maples, birch, crepe myrtle, ORshrubs such as Azalea, hydrangeas, forsythia, nandina (Heavenly Bamboo – please mark if tall or dwarf), ferns.  Flowering plants such as alstromeria, bulbs (daffodils, snow drops, etc), columbine, phlox sell well.  Of coursesucculents are very popular now too!

Please be sure to label anything you put in a pot with the name, variety or size, such as dwarf or full size, and color of bloom if any. If you have a picture of your plants in bloom that is also increases sales. When people can see how nice a plant looks in your yard many are more motivated to buy.  LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!

Questions or need help with plants, please call Gwyneth Stephenson at 966-6136.