Work update, Day 1

All I can say that you can all be immensely proud of everyone here at Santa Marta. Monday is our first work day, and we usually ease into the week. Not today.

The primary work task was to pour concrete for four posts and a beam for a wall in their new beautiful gymnasium, that should be finished later this summer. Our team unflaggingly mixed the concrete and transported it to the far end of the gym, where the wheelbarrows were emptied into buckets and lifted up onto those on the scaffolding to pour into the forms. It is one of the difficult pours that I have participated in throughout my years at Santa Marta.

To our credit and surprise, we completed the job by mid-afternoon. Not satisfied, however, the kids found a job digging out a form for another pour for the gym project. Brad declared all AARP members were released to naps and showers.

We also had a couple of other smaller jobs going as well. Chet was called away from the concrete job to help out in the welding shop, and Kat, Flo, and Jill sewed graduation gowns for the upcoming commencement here at the Rancho.

This afternoon, Bill will be conducting a kite workshop for the Rancho children with an assist from our Youth. Later we all will have dinner in the group homes with the children and house parents.

A great day all along.

Oremos por nosotros.