Children’s Chapel

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Children’s Chapel offers children the experience of prayer and worship, readings and discussion appropriate to their level. Our young people begin Sunday morning service at 10:15am in the church with their families. At the Collect children ages 5-13 years old process to St David’s Hall where they read together the Liturgy of the Word, a Bible passage for the day and engage in discussion that promotes understanding on different levels. In this group setting, usually with several adults, they offer personal prayers and discuss concerns in their lives from a perspective of faith.  The lessons are reinforced with an activity or craft project. In this setting the young people also discuss projects and make plans for activities at church such as keeping a garden or social events like a swim party. The children return to the service and their families at the Peace.

We welcome all young people to join us.

Nursery – For pre-school age children the Nursery in the back of the church is staffed during the 10:15 service.

Prayers of the Children


We are thankful for fresh beginnings and the new year.

We are thankful for llamas and all of God’s creatures.
We pray for strength, health, and success to all in the coming year.


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